I may suck, but I suck with pride.
Я знаю, что я очень вовремя, да :D
Собиралась ложиться спать, как в голове у меня начал сам собой зарождаться перевод песни "Добро пожаловать в мультифэндом"))
Готов первый куплет, третий и припев.

Tumblr is your life and AO3 your heart and soul
Twitter's more important than the hardest finals of them all
Your diploma's not yet started, all the college you have missed
And your laptop has been on for twenty-something days at least
Dreaming is the stuff of dreams for you, 'cause you have hardly slept
Mouse and keyboard feel as natural as the back of your own hand
A hiatus is more terrifying than a World War Three
Your fave character is dead - now you're in endless misery

Hello and welcome to the multifandom
Come join our family worldwide
We share a universe together
Prepare some tissues to hide your cries

A police phone box is better than a shiny-armoured prince
All of space and time before you, just like in your wildest dreams
You could not care less for flame wars on which Doctor takes the cake
As for you, they're all fantastic, but you still have got a fave
You creep out your friends by talking total nonsense hours on end
Fezzes and bow ties are trendy, and УОТ is your best friend
Moffat is an evil genius, a screenwriter straight from Hell
If his name is in the credits, run away and save yourselves

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